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CBITI : Chaitanya Bharat Pvt ITI

To be world class knowledge enterprise, striving for academic & professional excellence in technical education, research& development & science to industry & society. We are dedicated to prepare our students as responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty, spirit of adventure and exploration, research and creation, understanding and respect of the rich cultural heritage of India. We believe in fostering each individual’s potentialities and therefore provide varied opportunities for successful learning and growth. To achieve this goal we provide opportunities for the students to take initiatives, to think for themselves and to develop myriad interests.


Director’s Message »


Inspired by the core values and principles of social, educational and spiritual causes, CB ITI resolved to dedicate itself to the highest level of social commitment in Central India. “Institutes to contribute in building quality professionals with overall competence having futuristic and global outlook impacting the society with creative excellence” is stance towards the holistic development of students believing that education is a journey of discovery; an adventure that shapes future generations. We, at Corporate, empower today’s learners to become the leaders of tomorrow & make our students embark their journey of discovery, developing their own abilities, skills and self-belief needed to succeed as globally renowned professionals.

In order to provide a value based conducive professional environment to all its stakeholders to learn and innovate dwelling into the new vistas of knowledge, CB ITI are mainly focusing for imbibing in them the importance of Indian values, traditions & culture and inspiring them to serve the cause of education and thereby the Institution is striving consistently to impart value based quality Engineering education which is the need of time in the present competitive world. I feel quite committed & confident that our engineers are conceptually sound, practically oriented, value driven and well groomed technocrats and professionals and above all well armed with those qualities necessary for their survival as well as prosperity of themselves and the nation. I can assure you that every member of the corporate team is committed to transform raw hands into intellectuals by injecting fundamentals with concepts and skills to enable them to face the technology of tomorrow.


Principal’s Message »


“Success very often goes to those who dare to think and act”. Success which reflects the capabilities, potential, skills and education of individual. In the ingredient of education, College Education is the foundation for all future possibilities in the life of a student. It is from here that one chooses the future line of studies and subsequently one’s career. Therefore, it is important that one gets thorough grounding in academics as well as moral strength to manage one’s life. CB ITI keeps this theory in its mind and strengthen it to craft superior professionals for serving the nation. Make full use of your stay in the college to express your talent, sharpen your creative faculties and articulate your thoughts.

This is the turning point in your lives. The four years spent here will decide your fate in life. Winning or losing is a game which is not very important in life. The essential thing is to become a good human being. I would like to draw the attention of the students to these lines of the book – “I Dare” by Kiran Bedi i.e. – ‘If you want to achieve something you must struggle. Throw yourself in the volley of your aim. Do not think about the success of your task. When you will achieve your aim, you will forget about the struggle and pain”

Secretary’s Message »


It is the subject of joy for me to know that you believe in Chaitanya bharat ITI as a platform to start your success journey. I, on behalf of CBITI family, welcome all applicants who keep faith in our initiatives of keeping pace with today’s challenges. We want to emerge high level of dedication in you to grow and that is with keeping human sensations & diversity in mind.

Even in today higher education is not a fundamental right but it is considered as a distinct opportunity which is not available for all, with due reasons our institution has an obligation to make this opportunity easier to access for all. We look for that class of students who can discover new dimensions of success and remain active inside and outside of classrooms. We hope that every member of the growing family of Chaitanya bharat ITI will feel pride in being a part of huge heritage of Chaitanya bharat groups of institution. We welcome all those candidates who keep devotion towards our ambitions and find themselves aware of the responsibilities of getting higher education. Our institution provides the environment of cultural and intellectual learning along with the learning of core courses of literature, arts, commerce and social studies.

With the wishes of your bright future,

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Percentage of students placed

Approx. 94% students have been place by CBITI in companies like JBM, VIVO


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